+91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

 +91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

New Initiative at AVS: Boarding Facilities starts from Class IV onwards. (Only for residents outside Tezpur, Assam).



Question 1: How to register a candidate?

Answer: Registration can be done in three ways: –

  1. Online Registration: Click the link provided on the Admissions Page of our website and fill out the necessary details. Pay the Registration Fee Online.
  2. Via Email: Download the Registration Form and take a print out. Fill out the necessary details and scan the form. The scanned copy needs to be sent to admissions@assamvalleyschool.com. The Registration Fee is paid online and the transaction details are also sent via Email. 
  3. Offline Registration: Download the Registration Form from the website or collect it from the Admissions Office of the School in person. Send the completed form back to the Admissions Office by post / courier along with the required Bank Draft / At Par Cheque.


Question 2: To which classes are admissions offered to candidates? 

Answer: Admissions are offered to candidates to classes V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and XI depending on the classes for which they have registered.


Question 3: When to register a candidate for admission to AVS?

Answer: There are two Registration Programmes available: –

EARLY REGISTRATION PROGRAMME (FOR ALL CLASSES): Although the school begins from class V, you can register your child for admission any time after his / her birth. This facility can be availed for admission to all the classes.  Please contact the Admission Officer at +91 9954620600 for further information and assistance.

STANDARD REGISTRATION PROGRAMME (FOR ALL CLASSES): If you have not opted for the Early Registration Programme, then you can register for your child under the Standard Registration Programme either in the “Early Decision” mode or the “Regular Decision” mode. 

The “Early Decision” mode is advantageous in terms of availability of seats.

IMPORTANT: Admissions granted to class XI shall be treated as PROVISIONAL until the class X Board Examination results are declared and the candidate submits his / her Mark-sheet and Pass Certificate. (Pre Board mark sheet not required?)


Question 4: What should be the age of the candidate at the time of joining the School?

Answer: Age Chart (in years) for Admission (Please calculate the candidate’s age at the time of joining the School): –


AGE 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 15


Question 5: What documents are required at the time of registration.

Answer: The following documents are required at the time of registration: –

  • Copy of the Birth Certificate 
  • Mark-sheets of 2 previous examinations.


Question 6: Can I visit the School before registering my child?

Answer: Yes. Please get in touch with the Admissions Officer at 8721992441 / 9954620600 or send an email at admissions@assamvalleyschool.com. We shall facilitate a Campus-Tour for you on a week day as per your convenience. 

Please click the link given below for a virtual tour of the campus: –


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Question 7: What is the Fee-structure?

Answer: Please click the link given below for the first year fee-structure: –



Question 8: What is the total strength of the school?

Answer: There are approximately 780 boarders. 


Question 9: What is the Teacher-Taught Ratio?

Answer: It is a globally competitive ratio of 1:8


Question 10: How many sections are there per class?

Answer: For classes V to X, there are 2 to 5 sections. For classes XI & XII, there are six sections across three streams.


Question 11: How many students are there per section?

Answer: For classes V to X, there are 20 to 28 students per section. For classes XI & XII, there are 25 to 30 students per section.


Question 12: Are extra / remedial classes provided to the students?

Answer: Yes. There is a structured Remedial Programme for the under-performing students across all levels.


Question 13: What kind of facility is provided for competitive examinations that take place after class XII?

Answer: Under the Science Enrichment Programme, In-house coaching is provided by Subject Experts for JEE and NEET exams.

Structured training is provided for NID and NIFT Entrance Tests and SAT and CLAT as well.


Question 14: How is the Activity Programme conducted?

Answer: AVS has a rich & varied Activity Programme which creates numerous opportunities for the students to hone their skills and express their creativity.

To ensure individual attention, we have two separate Activity Programmes; the Lower School Activity Programme (classes V – VIII) and the Upper School Activity Programme (classes IX – XII). There are more than 30 options to choose from at each level.

The Activities are categorised under “Performing Arts”, “Visual Arts”, “Public Speaking”, “Tech-based Activities” and “Cerebral Activities”. The students have the freedom of choosing their own Activities. 

“Social Service” is a mandatory aspect of our education.

Question 15: How is the Sports Education Programme conducted?

Answer: Our world-class sports infrastructure is ably supported by a well-designed Sports Education Programme which is conducted by in-house, specialist coaches. There are 17 sporting disciplines on offer, each having an exclusive facility.


Question 16: Is there a Specialization Programme available for Activities and Sports?

Answer: Yes, there is a Daily Specialization Programme Available for Activities and Sports under the supervision of specialists.


Question 17: Does the School participate at external / Inter-School events?

Answer: Yes, we participate at all major and prestigious external and Inter-School events in Cultural Pursuits and Sports. We are a member of the Indian Public School Conference (IPSC) which provides our students with excellent opportunities throughout the year to compete at the highest level. Each year, many students have the opportunity of participating at the national level, representing out home state, Assam. 


Question 18: Does the School facilitate external Certification / Degree exams in Music & Dance?

Answer: Yes, we facilitate the required training for Trinity Guildhall exams across all grades in Piano and Guitar. The students of Indian Instrumental and Vocal Music are trained for various levels of Bhatkhande and Surnandan Bharati Examinations.

The Dance School trains the students for external examinations in Sattriya, Odissi, Kathak and Bharatnatyam.

The registrations and examinations are facilitated by the school at internal / external centres as decided by the Examination Boards conducting the same.


Question 19: Does the School conduct Exchange Programmes?

Answer: Yes. We are a member of the American Field Service (AFS) which offers exciting International Exchange Programmes to our students and teachers. We are also a global member of Round Square which facilitates high-quality engagements for our students at the regional, national and international levels. We also conduct reciprocal domestic exchange programmes with a number of prestigious schools across India. 


Question 20: How many Boarding Houses (we do not call them hostels) are there in the school?

Answer: There are 7 buildings for the residence of students. 3 of these buildings are for the girls and 4 for the boys.


Question 21: What is the strength of a Boarding House?

Answer: 100 to 120 in each building.


Question 22: How many beds are there per room in a boarding house?

Answer: The room-strength is decided on the basis of the class. The Senior students are accommodated in single-occupancy, double-occupancy and 4-bedded rooms. The Junior students are accommodated in 4-bedded rooms and dormitories having 8-10 beds each.


Question 23: What are the Pastoral Care Provisions at the School?

Answer: The boys and girls are accommodated in separate houses. On the boys’ side, there are 2 buildings for classes V to VIII and 2 for classes IX to XII. On the girls’ side, there is one building for classes V to VIII and 2 for classes IX to XII. The houses are spacious and equipped with modern-day amenities for the residents.

Each house has a dedicated Dame (also called Matron in other boarding schools) and a team of Tutors led by a Housemaster / Housemistress. The Pastoral Care System operates on the principle of In-loco Parentis. Each child is assigned a Tutor who looks after his / her physical, social and emotional well-being. The Tutor also tracks the child’s engagement and performance in all verticals of school-life. Each house has a Resident Tutor as well to see to their needs / emergencies in the night.

The School has a Child Protection Unit (CPU) with a Child Protection Officer and a Deputy Child Protection Officer. 


Question 24: What is the School’s policy on Bullying?

Answer: The School has a Zero-Tolerance Policy against bullying. Swift action is taken against those

who violate this policy. The Pastoral Care Team and Child Protection Unit keep a close vigil

to ensure no child is intimidated / harassed / browbeaten or alienated. 


Question 25: What kind of Counselling Facilities are there?

Answer: The following Counselling Facilities are provided by In-house experts and out-sourced 

Resource Persons: – 

  • Life Skills Counselling
  • Career Counselling

Every teacher also has the skills to counsel their students / tutees on a day to day basis.


Question 26: What Provisions are there for Medical Care and Emergencies?

Answer: The School has a 32-bedded hospital on the campus which is looked after by a Resident Medical Officer, assisted by a 10-member Nursing staff. The School Hospital has an OPD, IPD, Dental Unit, Pharmacy and an Ambulance equipped with life-support system. We have tie-ups with all major medical facilities located in Tezpur and Guwahati to handle any medical emergency. Parents are always intimated if child is admitted / referral required.


Question 27: How many meals are served to the students? How are these meals served?

Answer: All meals are prepared in the well-equipped Central Kitchen which operates strictly as per the recommendations of HACCP and FSSAI. We consult nutritionists and other experts on a frequent basis in order to provide a balanced and nutritious diet to our students. The meals are served at two Central Dining Halls (1 for the boys and 1 for the girls) under the supervision of Pastoral Care providers. We are mindful of the choices and preferences of our students and that is why there are separate stations for cooking the vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals in the Central Kitchen. Similarly, the Central Dining Halls have separate serving counters for veg and non-veg food. 

The following meals are served to the students on a daily basis: –

  • Chhota Hazri (Early morning snack)
  • Breakfast
  • Mid-morning Snack
  • Lunch
  • Evening Snacks
  • Dinner


The students also have the option of going at the School Cafeteria, once a week in the evening where food can be purchased against coupons issued to them by their Housemaster / Housemistress.


Question 28: Does the School have a Laundry?

Answer: Yes. We have a well-equipped, automated laundry where the students’ uniforms, clothing and linen items are washed.


Question 29: How many times can the parents visit the school?

Answer: There are Parents’ Visiting Days marked on the School Calendar (1 per Semester).  In addition, the parents are invited to attend all major events and competitions.


Question 30: When and how many times are the PTMs held?

Answer: Formal PTM’s are held at the end of Semesters. Additionally, parents can take feedback on their child’s progress and well-being from the tutors on a regular basis. 


Question 31: How many Semesters are there in an Academic Year?

Answer: Our Academic Year is divided into 3 Semesters: –

  • Summer Semester (1st May to 15th July)
  • Founders’ Semester (1st Aug to 15th December)
  • Winter Semester (16th January to 10th April)


Question 32: What safety / security provisions are in place?

Answer: The School has a multi-layered security provision. We have deployed the Assam Industrial Security Force (AISF) which is an armed unit. In addition, private security guards have also been deployed. The boarding houses are guarded by Night Guards / Night Ayahs. 

The entire campus is under 24 x 7 CCTV surveillance.

No unauthorised person is allowed to enter the campus or contact the students.

We are in close proximity to a Counter Insurgency Training School (CITS) which adds to our security. 

Evacuation drills (for earthquake, fire, terrorist attack) are conducted by experts frequently forthe students and staff.

Fire hydrants have been installed across the campus.