+91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

 +91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

New Initiative at AVS: Boarding Facilities starts from Class IV onwards. (Only for residents outside Tezpur, Assam).


Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another.

“When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you.”

Paulo Coelho


To dance is a worthwhile skill to possess as it not only enhances our motor skills, it is also an excellent exercise for your entire body, as such, it helps you to stay physically and mentally fit. More so, dancing regularly can improve your general well-being, boosts your self-esteem and has also been shown to improve your social skills.

The AVS Dance School came into existence in the year 2006. As each year passes by, the student dancers outdo themselves and leave a new benchmark behind.  Currently, the Dance School offers three Indian classical forms – Sattriya, Kathak and Odissi. Contemporary and Folk Dance forms are also taught at the Dance School. The students are allowed to choose the form they want to learn. A lot of emphasis is given on the skills and techniques while training the students. 

The AVS Dance School contingent participates in a number of prestigious events across the country. The Delhi Dance Darbaar, Pune National Dance and Music Competition, Mohan Festival Goa and IPSC Dance competition are among the major events we take part in at the national level. Our talented young performers have enthralled the audience in international events held in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Singapore. To provide more opportunities to the students, a number of internal events and workshops are organised through the year. Our students receive training for external examinations in Sattriya, Odissi and Kathak conducted by reputed organisations.