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 +91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

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Sports & Adventure in Asom

Just one look of Asom topography and you will know that there is something special for Adventure in Asom. The swirling landscape dotted with some magnificent hills and fast rivers are apt for some pulse-racing adventure sports. Be it Aerosports, water sports or land adventure, there is scope for everything. In fact, most of the visitors who come to Asom are here to indulge in one or the other adventure sports. River rafting and trekking are the most indulged in activity in the state. Then there are Aerosports like Para sailing and Hang Gliding which are still the upcoming sports in Asom.

Trekking and Mountain Climbing

Asom is an amazing place for trekking, both for novice as well as experienced trekkers. The best place for trekking in Asom is Cachar hills and karbi hills. They are often referred to as dream location for trekkers and mountaineers. There are many camps as well that provide you with all the necessary items for trekking. At high altitudes, it is advised that you carry sun protection like sunscreen lotion and shades to mitigate the effect of hard rays. The best time to visit Asom for trekking is in the months from April to October. For mountain climbing, Elephant Rocks in Morigaon district are really famous among the mountaineers.

Para Sailing

Para Sailing is slowly and gradually making its way to becoming the most favored adventure sports in Asom. It has not been long since it was introduced in Asom but and already there are many foreign and domestic tourists who wish to indulge in Para Sailing. Asom Tourist Development Corporation has set up many institutes to organize the whole setup. In Para Sailing, a parachute is attached to the back of vehicle and is towed behind the vehicle are practiced in vast open lands. There are many such open spots in North Guwahati which are considered to be the place for Para Sailing.

Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding is a sport that hugely depends on climatic conditions. So if you are not able to enjoy on the day that you kept aside, don’t get disappointed, come back another day when the weather is absolutely perfect for Hang Gliding. The best place to indulge in these sports is in Kamakhya hills and on hills around Kaziranga.

River Rafting

There is lot of scope for river watersports in Asom because of the magnificent River Brahmaputra. It passes through Asom valleys along with its many tributaries like Jia Bhorali, Manah and Kapili which are splendid for adventure sports. These fast paced water bodies are brimming with class 3, Class 4 and class 5 rapids. This makes river rafting in Asom extremely thrilling and at the same time challenging. The river water during most part of the year is chilling; so it is advised that you carry necessary equipment and clothing for an enjoyable river rafting stint. There are many camps as well that organize such adventure trips in Asom. The calm stretches of these rivers are also a great place to experience Angling.

Asom has over the years made adventure as one of the prime attractions for tourists. They have immensely improved the infrastructure for adventure sports making it really worthwhile to come to this state and enjoy the thrills and frills of heart pumping sports.