+91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

 +91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

New Initiative at AVS: Boarding Facilities starts from Class IV onwards. (Only for residents outside Tezpur, Assam).

Other Facilities

Other Facilities

The Assam Valley School Estate covers an area of 235 acres. The upkeep and development of this estate thus demands high levels of work and attention to detail. The 18356 mature trees and shrubs comprising the School’s aesthetic landscape is added to by the planting of trees, and maintained by regular care, weeding and pruning. A fleet of vehicles, ranging from water bowers, cargo trailers and farm implements are also employed to facilitate the care of the estate.

Buried under the school’s undulating landscape is the school’s communication system. A fully digital Electronic Private Automatic Brach Exchange (EPABX) handles the school’s networked communications requirements.

To enhance the quality of the School’s communications facilities, the school maintains a state-of-the-art air-conditioned auditorium and an Audio-Visual Room (AVR). The auditorium, known as the Williamson Magor Hall (WMH) can seat up to 800 people, while the AV Room seats a maximum number of 70 people. The WHM is thus the venue of choice for the school’s assemblies and theatrical productions, its range of lighting combinations and sophisticated audio system contributing to some impressive performances in the past. The AV Room provides an intimate space for classroom activities involving the use of audio-visual equipment.

Ground water is the only source of water supply to the School. There are 4 deep tube wells located within the campus.

The campus has an extensive underground sewerage system for every cluster of buildings. The system incorporates a network of discharging pipes connected to manholes and thereafter to septic tanks and soak pits for treatment of the sewage. The treated effluent is finally connected to the nearby natural drains.

Tata Sky TV Connection :

The School has 128 connections of Tata Sky DTH service installed in all the staff quarters, boarding houses and guest rooms.

Fire Fighting Equipment :

The School has an extensive network of Fire Fighting Equipment located in  various buildings. The annual maintenance for the equipment is entrusted to the authorized dealer to ensure the same is maintained as per regulation and is generally carried out in the month of December every year.

School Vehicles and Farm Equipment for Daily Operations and Estate Upkeep

The School has a fleet of vehicles, water bowers, cargo trailers and farm implements required for daily movement/maintenance in different areas. Maintenance of sports ground and its daily setting and assistance in students activity programmes.