+91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

 +91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

New Initiative at AVS: Boarding Facilities starts from Class IV onwards. (Only for residents outside Tezpur, Assam).

Best Boarding School in India

Cruising smoothly on the ship of the accolades we have received since our introduction in 1995, AVS is a school that has made its name in the state, other than the world-famous Assamese tea plants. We are no longer the contenders, but the rightful heir at the top of the educational chain in not only the northeastern part of India but also as a global leader in education.


With accomplishments other than being the only co-ed residential school in its region, AVS strives to live up to its name and the reputation it beholds as the best boarding school in India.


Now in the 26th year of what has been an odd-defying journey, and under the superb leadership of the respected Headmaster, Mr. VidhukeshVimal, AVS is setting a real high bar for other schools to follow. Unanimously hailed as the first choice of students and their guardians, AVS guarantees a brighter tomorrow for all those willing to fly high in the huge sky of opportunities.


To save students the hassle of visiting the school for admission, AVS offers two alternate options for registration to apply here, which are

  1.  online registration          2. via e-mail. 


There are multiple sections for each class, starting from Vth standard and uptoXIIth. This avoids a crowded environment where hesitant students may feel left out in the process of teaching. These are some standards set by AVS, the best boarding school in India.


Talking about the fantastic hostel standards here –

  1. Food, 
  2. Teaching
  3. Living rooms 
  4. Extra-curriculum is taken care of by experts assigned as faculty in their respective fields. 5. Students are fed in comfortable dining rooms with multiple meals during the day at a fixed schedule. 
  5. Teachers residing in the hostel facility are open to discussions regarding the study material even after school hours.
  6. Besides, to provide students with a home-like comfort level, there are various activities held inside the hostel campus.


Education was never meant to be a tedious affair. Abiding by this, AVS has a wide range of co-curriculum, specifically developed to aid in the process of making students all-rounders in whatever they wish to do or pursue.


The school hosts a dedicated sports facility, laying equal focus on the variety of outdoor activities students are interested in. 

  1. Cricket pitch 
  2. Volleyball 
  3. Tennis courts
  4. Golf course


A privilege only a few modern schools have. There are separate indoor courts for-

  1. Squash                              2. Table tennis.                      3. Badminton


There are various competitions, both academic and extra-curricular, conducted throughout the year to help recognize the potential of students who stand out as per their strengths. These include 

  1. Poetry recitations, 
  2. Debate competitions
  3. Inter-house sports meets where students compete in a friendly way to secure the top prize. 
  4. Music
  5. Dance

As competitive as it may sound, this is to be expected from one of the top 10 boarding schools in the country. For a school consistently securing its place among the top-tier education institutes across the country, the name, AVS, is a prodigy in the educational field.

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