+91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

 +91 9678074320, 9678074320       P.O. Balipara - 784101, Dist. Sonitpur, Assam , India.

New Initiative at AVS: Boarding Facilities starts from Class IV onwards. (Only for residents outside Tezpur, Assam).

Top 10 Boarding Schools

best boarding school in india

There are a variety of points on which we can debate whether a school lives up to the hype of being among the top educational institutes in India. But, as we are backing up our claims with far-fetched accomplishments, it is pretty obvious to take a look as to why Assam Valley School has climbed its ranks among the top residential schools all over the country.


Best residential facilities in Assam Valley School

Coming to the ease of application for its residential facility, AVS offers a pretty simplistic online approach where interested students can register for admission. You can also opt for registration via e-mail and query about anything you want. 

  • When students feel tired after a tedious day in their classrooms, what freshens them up is the utmost relaxed aura in the hostel atmosphere. 
  • We at AVS have pupil-friendly wardens who are all ears to any issue with the students. 
  • The rooms are sufficiently spacious and excellently ventilated to provide comfort to the shoulders upon which the future of this nation depends.
  • The dining facility of the school is top-notch.
  • The AVS campus accommodates two separate dining halls, along with a central hall        with carefully monitored food and beverage options.
  •  Sanitization and cleanliness are of foremost importance, especially with the ongoing pandemic and other health issues, so they are state of the art, here at AVS.


Feel free to try out more details about the hostel living facility in AVS at its official website, and find out why AVS is rightfully among the Top 10 boarding Schools in India.


What makes AVS stand out is other incentives it offers for its students besides the already acclaimed living facilities:

  • There are separate practical labs for various subjects such as Computer Science, Chemistry, and Biology, just to name a few so that students can apply their theoretical knowledge to good and innovative use.
  • For students inclined towards athletics, AVS has set a pretty big standard by having a 25-meter swimming pool that can be used at all times, under the careful supervision of the school management.
  • There is also a separate living facility for occasional guests visiting their wards, keeping in mind all the important as well as entertainment aspects.
  • Internet connectivity is also excellent in the hostel premises, with a stunning 45-Mpbs internet speed for the students to explore the unlimited plethora of knowledge of the virtual world.

Other perks

  • Includes the common room where students can gather up for various fun activities.
  • Grounds for various sports that include Cricket, Football, etc.
  •  Students develop a great bond over various interests and that tells a lot about the ever-friendly nature of the hostel premises.


AVS has also given the world its fair share in the form of renowned alumni. These include Patralekha Paul, the Citylights-fame Bollywood actress, and Janice Pariat, the brilliant writer and the first-ever Meghalaya resident to win the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award for her work.

AVS is also proudly the 2nd best Co-ed Best Boarding School in India, as per the All India Rankings. So, without further ado, leave your faith and bright future in our hands, here at AVS.

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